My name is Dennis Nagy of BRIDEN Management, a homeowner association management company. BRIDEN Management is a unique association management company that does not replace a neighborhood’s volunteer Board of Directors (BODs), but works with the current BOD to assist with the time consuming day to day duties and details that an association may need to attend to. BRIDEN specializes in small to medium subdivisions with fewer than 300 homes. We are a one-stop shop for all your homeowners association needs.


BRIDEN’s fees are quite reasonable and through our money management services, most associations find that it is not necessary to raise dues to pay for our services. BRIDEN manages subdivisions as a business and will maximize the potential to maintain your neighborhoods highest value and/or increase your property values.

BRIDEN only manages local communities so that we can provide the hands on attention to detail that makes our services unique. BRIDEN manages each subdivision as if we were truly a homeowner in the subdivision, with a vested interest in its longevity.

Please see a list of services that we provide, which can be customized to best suit your communities needs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information if interested in our services.  Click the PDF below to download our trifold brochure.

Download BRIDEN_Management_Brochure